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Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file in which internet settings are stored. Almost every website uses cookies. When you first visit a website, it is downloaded by your internet browser. The next time you visit this website with the same device, a cookie and the information stored in it will be sent back to either the website that placed it (first party cookie) or to another website to which it belongs (third party cookie). For example, the website recognizes that it has already been called up with this browser, and in some cases the displayed content differs.

Some cookies are very useful because they can improve the online experience the next time you visit a website. Provided you use the same device and browser as the first time, cookies, for example, remember your preferences, tell you how you use a page and adapt the offer to your personal interests and needs.

Depending on their function and the intended purpose, cookies can be divided into 4 categories: strictly necessary cookies, functional cookies, performance cookies and cookies for marketing purposes.


Depending on their function and application, cookies can be divided into four categories*: strictly necessary cookies, functional cookies, performance cookies and cookies for marketing purposes.

Strictly necessary cookies:
Strictly necessary cookies are necessary for you to visit and use a website. Without these cookies, the functions of the website cannot be guaranteed, for example that the actions performed during a visit (e.g. text input or vehicle configuration) are retained, even when you navigate between different pages.

Functional cookies:
Functional cookies enable a website to store data already entered (such as user name, language choice or place of residence) and to offer more personal functions. For example, a website could provide local price-relevant VAT information if it uses a cookie to store the region the user is in. Functional cookies are also used to enable requested functions such as playing videos. These cookies collect anonymous information, they do not track your movements on other websites.

Performance Cookies:
Performance cookies collect information about how a website is used - for example, which pages a visitor visits most often and if they receive error messages from websites. These cookies do not store any information that can identify the user. The information collected is used for reports in an aggregated and anonymous form. These cookies are only used to improve the performance of a website and therefore the user experience.

Cookies for marketing purposes:
Marketing cookies are used to display targeted advertising messages that are relevant to the user and adapted to his interests. They are also used to limit the display frequency of an advertisement and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They register whether or not a website has been visited. This information may be shared with third parties, such as advertisers. Cookies to improve targeting and advertising are often linked to additional functions of third parties.

Cookies on this website that do not require permission:
Strictly necessary cookies, also known as “strictly necessary”, guarantee functions without which you cannot use this website as planned. These cookies are used exclusively by Rubco and fall under the so-called first party cookies. They are only stored on your computer for the current browser session. Strictly necessary cookies ensure, for example, that when you call up certain information, the bandwidth of the data quantity corresponds to the internet connection you use. Furthermore, these cookies guarantee the function of a transition from http to https, for example during a page change, and thus the increased security requirements for data transfer are maintained. This type of cookie also contains your decision regarding the use of cookies on our website. Your consent is not required for the use of strictly necessary cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies cannot be disabled via the function of this website. You can disable cookies in your browser at any time.

Cookies on this website that do require permission:
Cookies that are not strictly necessary to use the website fulfill an important task. Without these cookies, the functions that make it possible to surf comfortably on our website, such as pre-filled forms, for example, are no longer available. Settings entered by you, such as the choice of language, cannot be saved and must therefore be requested again on every page. Furthermore, we no longer have the option to present you with individually adapted offers.

Rubco also integrates third-party content on this website. Examples are Facebook services, YouTube videos, Instagram and LinkedIn. These third-party providers can theoretically place cookies when you visit our website and thereby obtain information, for example, that you have requested our website. Please visit the websites of the third party providers for more information about their use of cookies. If you choose not to give or withdraw your consent to the use of cookies, you can only use those functions on our website that we can guarantee without these cookies. Parts of the website, which potentially offer the technical possibility to integrate third-party content and thus place third-party cookies, are in that case not accessible to you. In that case, if you still want to use the content of the website, this is possible on the condition that you agree to the use of cookies for which permission is required. To do this, please use the consent function provided on our website. If you do not want to allow cookies in principle, you can also set this in your browser.

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